Meet the mother-daughter team!

Shay: I love to create.  Making the little amigurumi critters has been both fun and rewarding.  Sharing a crafting hobby with my daughter Bre, makes it even more fun.  We spend time at the craft shows, and time working on stitching, or brain storming new and different critters to make.

Over the years, I have done nearly every variety of stitching- from sewing, quilting, knitting, crochet, crewel, cross stitch, and Japanese Bunka embroidery.  I have to admit, having a portable hobby is a big plus.  Have needles, will travel.

Bre:  Following my mother’s example, I have spent much of my free time throughout my life making things. Over the past few years I have been spending most of my crafting time making little crocheted animals. I really enjoy creating these little critters, and I am always looking for different patterns. Recently I have started to design my own patterns. I have a puffin, donkey and a line of animals I am calling “bottle neck buddies” getting ready for their debut on Etsy.   Look for me under my name or the shop name “BresFinishingStitch”.

Our Work: For as long as I can remember my mother was always making something. When I was young I used to go to craft fairs with her over summer vacation. As I got older my mother stopped going to fairs, people just didn’t seem very interested in attending fairs and purchasing hand-made items anymore. Then, in 2010 my mother started going to fall craft fairs again and I joined her with my own supply of hand-made items. To our delight it seems hand-made items have made their way back into people’s homes and hearts.

Both my mother and I have found great enjoyment in making amigurumi critters over the past few years. Not only does making and selling these little guys give us a common hobby, but we love to see people fall in love with one of our little critters and take them home. We try to keep a good variety of critters, sizes, colors and prices in stock, but if we don’t have the critter you are looking for we are able to take orders and will gladly discuss options with you. Shoot us an e-mail, give us a call or come find us at a craft fair this fall, we’d love to talk with you.

Let us know what critter you’re looking for and we will gladly work on adding that critter to our stock!