Fiber Friends critters on display...

This is the home of the Fiber Friends, whom you can meet at a local craft fair. Fiber Friends is a line of amigurumi critters hand-made by Shay and Bre. What’s amigurumi you ask? Amigurumi is the Japanese art of creating knit or crochet animals and dolls.

Fiber Friends is a new line of handcrafted amigurumi critters from The Finishing Stitch. The Finishing Stitch was started by Shay over 25 years ago and has been creating hand crafted dolls, critters, snowmen, and decorative. Over the years the items made at the Finishing Stitch have changed as Shay (and now Shay and Bre) continue to expand their skills and areas of interest.

This has been a challenging year with the pandemic, and our usual fall craft fairs can't be held.  To view many of our collection, visit our Facebook page (link below).  If you'd like to purchase any of them, send us a note on the item's picture.  We will list as much as we can on our Facebook page.